"We are dedicated to Service, Care and Quality"

Hallmark Photographic :: Traditional Formal Weddinb PhotographyA wedding is such a spectacular and important occasion. It is a timeless ritual that evokes deep feelings and the photographs are a remembrance of emotions the bride and groom felt on that day. Your wedding is as important to us as it is to you. We will ensure that your photographs will not be boring, predictable or stale.

You will have fun and this will show in every photograph that we take. Without the very best photography it all becomes a fading memory that becomes harder to remember as the years pass by, that is why what we do is so important to you.

At every wedding We are expected to produce beautiful portraits of all the most important people, bride, groom, bridesmaids, ushers and family. These are commonly called formals, but our style is relaxed and you will never feel that you have been "posed". We combine two different wedding styles. Traditional and Contemporary coverage and still keep everything relaxed and natural.

Traditional style includes the wedding images that you have come to expect.

Hallmark Photographic :: Contemporary Informal Weddinb PhotographyThe contemporary style is a more story telling style. It includes un-posed photographs during the wedding day, providing you with a spontaneous feel to your wedding photography yet ensuring that all those important photographs of the Bride and Groom and family and friends are captured forever.

Your Hallmark photographers are professionally trained while using artistic judgement to capture images that create memories that will last forever.